Bruncvik's Sword

Bruncvik’s statue in Prague

A man from Prague, Bruncvik craved adventures. Although he had settled down, his desire to explore the world eventually led him to leave Prague with fifty men. Neomenia, his wife, was not pleased, even though he promised to return within seven years. 

Bruncvik's adventures took him to strange lands, inhabited by all manner of creatures and people. Unfortunately, most of them are dangerous — and soon all his men were dead. With no way back, Bruncvik kept moving on. Eventually, he came to a land ruled by a queen. She was smitten by him and wanted him to marry her. Being the faithful husband, Bruncvik refused. However, hell has no wrath like a woman scorned, and in the end, he had no choice but to agree to the marriage. It proved to be a fortuitous choice. One day, while he was wandering around the castle, he came upon a magic sword — which he named Bruncvik’s Sword. With a command “Blade, heads off!’” it would chop people’s heads off, no questions asked.

Bruncvik’s adventures

His false wife was the first to have her head chopped off. Desperate to leave the land, Bruncvik then embarked on a head-chopping spree across the lands. Finally, a king offered Bruncvik a ship to take him back to Prague so as to stop the wanton violence. 

Back in Prague, Bruncvik was elated to be reunited with Neomenia. Alas, more than seven years had passed, and she was soon to remarry. However, Neomenia still loved Bruncvik dearly. Upon learning he was back, she cancelled the marriage without hesitation. Of course, the bridegroom was furious, and vowed vengeance upon Bruncvik. Together with fifty men, he hunted Bruncvik down. Unfortunately, he did not expect Bruncvik’s Sword — and fifty-one heads went rolling on the ground. The couple got back together and lived happily ever after.

Charles Bridge, where Bruncvik’s Sword is rumored to be hidden

Today, Bruncvik’s Sword is said to be hidden in Charles Bridge in Prague.


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